Gibillero Design
Industrial design since 2010
“The word “gibillero” is a word taken from barese slang meaning “spree, pleasant chaos”. It basically represents our design approach: designing functional objects but also playful, ironic, iconic. For us, gibillero also means working without ceasing to have fun.”

Gibillero Design is a design firm born in Milan in 2010 and working mainly in the urban design field. To date, there are numerous collaborations and products designed for italian and international brands.

In early 2010 comes the first experience with the company Metalco with Foglia bike shelter (designed with Studio Nonis) and 0+0 litter bin.

From 2010 until 2016, Gibillero takes the artistic direction of Citysì, designing and developing the whole product catalog, the brand identity & strategic developement and communication.

In 2014 Petalo bench has been awarded in Paris with “MIAW Award” prize in the category “outdoor products”.

In 2016 Gibillero signs the catalog Urban Smart Living for LAB23 and become designer for the german company Greenleaf. Also begins a cooperation with the american firm Jane Hamley Wells and the Italian Dimcar.

In 2018, after more than one year, the brand new collection “Atelier Urbano by Dimcar” is finally unveiled and released on the market.

In 2019, the ongoing collaboration with the newly born Spanish company Mobiliario Sostenible was born.

In 2020 Gibillero designs for Dimcar a line of urban furniture products for children called “Urban Baby” and, in the same year, two new international collaborations are born, with the historic canadian company Maglin Site Furniture and with the russian company Punto Design.

In 2021 Gibillero won two prestigious international awards: “BigSEE Award” with BUG bike rack and “GOOD DESIGN Award” with ARIA, a collection of benches and seats. Both products are designed for Punto Design.

2022 begins with a new collaboration with URBO, the Italian outdoor and contract company and in the same year JOY, the collection of modular elements of urban furniture designed for Punto Design won two prestigious international awards: the “European Product Design Award” and the BigSEE Award.

2022 also marks the beginning of the new collaboration with the German company BENKERT BANKE for which Gibillero designs the entire “Chalidor 800” urban and outdoor furniture collection.

In 2023 the “Chalidor 800” Collection receives the prestigious international awards “SIT Award” and the “DNA Paris Award”, and is a finalist for the “London International Creative Competition”; in the same year Gibillero received the “BUILD Home & Garden Award” as “Most innovative outdoor furniture designer of 2023”. The current year also marks the beginning of the collaboration with the prestigious Portuguese company AMOP synergies.

2024 begins with two new collaborations: with VISCIO Urban Design, a renowned Italian stone furniture company for which Gibillero has designed numerous products that enrich the Steelwood catalog and with Bike Facilities / Green Garage Bike, two companies that work in synergy for the creation of innovative green mobility systems.
In the same year the Chalidor 800 collection wins the prestigious “German Design Award Special 2024”, the “European Product Design Award”, the “Good Design Award”, the “IDA Design Award” and the “Red Dot 2024”, thus becoming the most awarded product designed by Gibillero.
The “Retrò” and “Vimini” collections designed for Viscio Urban Design and the “Chalidor 800” collection designed for Benkert Banke are exhibited in two prestigious events of the Milan Design Week 2024.
The products designed by Gibillero have been included in prestigious architectural works such as the Bosco Verticale in Milan and the Venice Cruise Terminal, in numerous shopping malls in cities such as Moscow, Paris, Bucharest and installed at the Universal Expo 2015 in Milan.

Chosen by brands like Auchan, Ferrero spa, Esselunga, Coop, Virgin Hotels, Ferragamo spa, Bosch Diesel Systems, to furnish common areas.

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